7 Jan 2009

Samoa considers using geothermal energy

3:38 pm on 7 January 2009

Samoa's Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, Faumuina Tiatia Liuga, says it may undertake a feasibility study to explore using geothermal energy to create electricity.

The option was explored during his talks with the visiting Chinese Vice-Minister of Commerce, Fu Ziying.

Faumuina has told reporters his ministry will present a report to the cabinet to consider geothermal energy.

The minister says it may be an answer for Samoa's future needs because geothermal energy causes no harm to the environment.

He says Savaii island is the preferred location as there is land very close to volcanic soil with much heat underneath.

Faumuina says China could help his country with a number of renewable energy projects, such as coconut oil as a supplement for diesel generating electricity, and solar power system.