8 Jan 2009

Forum chair says PNG meeting will see frank talks about Fiji

2:30 pm on 8 January 2009

The chair of the Pacific Islands Forum says members won't hold back from frank discussions at this month's special meeting due to the attendance of Fiji's interim Prime Minister.

Commodore Frank Bainimarama plans to go to this month's meeting in Papua New Guinea, which will discuss the situation in Fiji, after he boycotted the last summit in Niue in August.

The Chair, Niue's premier Toke Talagi, who this week held talks with New Zealand's foreign minister, says members will have to evaluate the report from the special ministerial group, and meet the Commodore.

He says they will look at recent events in Fiji, including the likelihood that there will be no elections in March, as previously promised.

"The principles of democracy are extremely important to us all, so we will be holding some very frank discussions on that and the issues with respect to Fiji and the need for Fiji to go back to democratically elected government as quickly as possible. Now, we will need to discuss those with the interim Prime Minister, and get his views, and the reason why he's taking his word back."

The chair of the Pacific Islands Forum, Toke Talagi.

Ths Fiji interim regime has ruled out elections this year and is yet to say when it will relinquish power.