8 Jan 2009

Tonga's police seek public's input in planned restructure

2:28 pm on 8 January 2009

Police in Tonga have begun engaging with the public to seek views on how best to restructure the force.

The Assistant Police Commander Siope Soakai Motu'apuaka says the exercise will help the police to know what the public is expecting of them and information gathered will help in the planned restructure of the force over the next four years.

Apart from in Nukualofa, consultations will also be held in towns and villages throughout Tongatapu and the outer islands .

The Matangi Tonga Online reports since the riots and the burning of Nuku'alofa in 2006 and the appointment of a new Police Commander Chris Kelly, the police have been initiating a number of community out-reach programmes to try and restore community trust in the force.