12 Jan 2009

Fiji health authorities warn about flooding impact

4:07 pm on 12 January 2009

A doctor in Fiji and former CEO of Health, Dr Lepani Wagatakirewa, has urged people affected by flooding to take health precautions

He advises people recovering from the effects of flooding to prioritise their health.

"The issues about safe drinking water and sanitation becomes important. And as you know Fiji is still an area where we have dengue and water borne diseases such as leptospirosis that's quickly taking hold and even typhoid is the one we have and still going on in the country from 2008. These have potential to cause problems once the water has receded so the need for clean drinking water is very important and of course the proper disposal of human waste."

Dr Lepani Wagatakirewa says people are being urged to seek medical assistance quickly if they need it.