13 Jan 2009

Prison escapees recaptured in Vanuatu

11:38 am on 13 January 2009

The Correctional Service Authority in Vanuatu says it has recaptured five inmates who walked free from prison last week.

The acting director of Correctional Services says the Ministry of Justice, Joshua Bong, is investigating the incident at the Port Vila prison in relation to complaints about prisoners' living conditions.

The Daily Post reports the five inmates, classed as high risk, walked out of the prison gates last Wednesday.

Mr Bong told the Daily Post, that before the walk-out prisoners were unhappy that some of the inmates were being treated better than others.

Our correspondent in Port Vila, Len Garae, says inmates can easily walk away from the premises.

"It's hardly a prison, when you look at the place in a way they can sort of look through the wire or even hop off the wire for a cigarette or something. It doesn't even look like a prison at all, it looks like a run-down building than a prison."

Our Correspondent, Len Garae in Port Vila.