14 Jan 2009

Yazaki Samoa hopes to be back on its feet by March

11:46 am on 14 January 2009

The automotive parts manufacturer, Yazaki Samoa, aims to be financially stable by March as a result of reducing staff hours to cut its costs.

Yazaki Samoa's has recently seen an 18-percent drop in its overseas orders caused by the global economic slowdown.

The company's general manager, Funefeai Fonoti Oliva Vaai, says about 1,500 workers will have their hours reduced from 40 to 32, for two months.

Funefeai says he hopes its short-term solution will prove financially beneficial.

"It's very very unpredictable period in time. It is almost like the normal trend that everything is like in a downturn mode. But, hopefully just by looking at some of these figures we hopefully be back to normal by March."

Funefeai Fonoti Oliva Vaai, general manager of Yazaki Samoa.