27 Jan 2009

Pacific Forum leaders discuss possible targetted measures on Fiji's regime

5:27 am on 27 January 2009

Pacific Islands Forum leaders are today due to meet in Papua New Guinea to discuss possible targetted measures after the Fiji interim regime refused to hold elections by March as promised.

The extraordinary meeting in Port Moresby will get a report by Forum foreign ministers on progress made towards holding elections - more than two years after the military removed the elected government.

From Port Moresby, Walter Zweifel reports.

"The meeting is being held after it had been briefly cancelled by the host, Sir Michael Somare. 'if there are confusions, there are confusions.' The leaders will consider a range of options, including the possible and unprecedented suspension of Fiji's Forum membership. The New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key, says as yet unspecified action is likely. 'we can't have position where there is no roadmap for democracy, where there is no timetable for democracy.' Fiji's interim regime will be represented by the interim attorney-general who is likely to restate its arguments why it won't go ahead with polls this year. The delay will not only test the Forum's patience but put also the organisation's relevance."