28 Jan 2009

RAMSI's new Special Coordinator welcomed in Solomon Islands

11:42 am on 28 January 2009

In Solomon Islands, the Chiefs and people of Salesapa Village, Gela Island, put on a special welcome for RAMSI's new Special Coordinator, Graeme Wilson and his family.

Mr Wilson was making his first visit to the provinces as Special Coordinator and was warmly welcomed with traditional panpipes.

Meanwhile, the paper, the Solomon Star says the Government's Permanent Secretary for RAMSI Affairs, Paul Tovua, also took part in the event.

Mr Tovua explained to those gathered that the Government and RAMSI are now finalising a partnership framework agreement.

He said the two are working on this framework agreement, looking at the areas where they can best work together and setting goals that they think they can achieve through the Solomon Islands government-RAMSI partnership.