28 Jan 2009

Samoans encouraged to take a back to basics approach

2:30 pm on 28 January 2009

Samoa's Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries is encouraging Samoans to take a back to basics approach to alleviate the high cost of living.

The Ministry's head, Asuao Kirifi Pouono, said at the launch of the five year corporate plan for the ministry that people must return to the land.

He said Samoans must go back to the land in order to cope with the soaring cost of living.

Asuao said a key aim of the plan is to persuade unemployed Samoans to till available land.

He said there are many products just waiting to be produced and sold but there's a lack of ingenuity to capitalize on the opportunity.

Asuao says the government's plan has both short term and long term goals for ensuring a sufficient supply of traditional healthy food and other products, and improved commercial development and bio-security to improve trade.