28 Jan 2009

Samoa NGOs push for sustainable govt solution to youth unemployment

8:01 pm on 28 January 2009

The Samoan Organisation for NGOs, or SANGO, says the government must find a sustainable way to fight youth unemployment.

The International Labour Organisation says youth unemployment is on the rise in the Pacific region due to a growth in the number of youths and urbanisation.

Samoa has launched a number of schemes to help fight rising youth unemployment to help them get better skilled.

SANGO's chief executive officer, Roina Vavatu, agrees that youth unemployment is a big problem, but doubts that the government is using the right approach to fight it.

"We can only upskill our own people to develop internally. But at the same time it goes hand in hand with the markets. Where are the markets? If we are going to set up a manufacturing company for whatever we still need the outside markets. So I don't see how this is going to help."

Roina Vavatu says officials should do research into niche markets and train young people in these areas.