31 Jan 2009

More rain expected in Fiji

5:25 am on 31 January 2009

Although heavy rain has eased over Fiji, the Metservice warns more rain is expected for the country tonight.

About 300 milliliters of rain was recorded to have fallen in some parts of Viti Levu yesterday, which saw towns including Suva and Navua affected by flooding.

The Director of Meteorology at the Metservice, Rajendra Prasad says low-level areas could be affected by forecasted rain this weekend.

"So we're not really talking about pro-longed and extremely heavy rainfall but I think more evenly spread rainfall. But generally at this stage we're talking about this still applies to flooding of low-lying areas especially where the weather system has been very poor and where flooding is the norm."

Rajendra Prasad says it will be closely monitoring the situation.

All schools have been cancelled in Fiji's Viti Levu today as a result of power cuts and possible water problems caused by the recent bad weather.

The Ministry of Education ordered schools to remain closed despite the power being restored at about 9.30 this morning.