2 Feb 2009

Online reporting for tagged turtles aimed at boosting tag recovery

5:56 am on 2 February 2009

For the first time, tagged turtles found in the Pacific region can be reported to researchers through an online form.

The Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environmental Programme has been monitoring the behaviour and movement of 7-thousand turtles which have been tagged for research.

Since the programme began in 1991, 500 turtles have been recovered.

SPREP's Associate Turtle Database Officer, Anne Trevor says the purpose of the tagging system is to learn about the movements of turtles, how many species are nesting and where they are foraging.

She says the online form is more convenient than posting data.

"Not everybody will have internet access but those who do have internet access, they could easily send us that information. The whole purpose of the online tagging form is to sort of try and boost numbers of people reporting for the tag recovery."

Anne Trevor says the information gathered can be used to formulate agreements to conserve important turtle sites in the Pacific region.