2 Feb 2009

Fiji's canegrowers association says industry desperately needs reform

5:54 am on 2 February 2009

Fiji's canegrowers association says reforms of the industry are desperately needed, in the wake of last month's floods, and European Union funding remaining on hold.

Last week, Fiji's Sugar Corporation announced a loss of more than 5 million US dollars in their half year report ending November 30, 2008.

The Canegrowers association head, Bala Dass says the industry will continue to make losses until someone takes its problems seriously.

"They want to make the industry move forward, and otherwise if they don't do it, if they keep on sitting and waiting for the farmers to increase production without the help of the FSC and without a proper programme, then I think the FSC will continue to make these losses."

Bala Dass says if European Union sugar funding remains on hold due to Fiji's political situation, it's up to the government to come up with funding from somewhere else.