4 Feb 2009

Tough competition on inter-Samoa route leads to reopening of Fagalii airport

12:08 pm on 4 February 2009

The CEO of Polynesian Airlines says tough competition on the inter Samoa route prompted the state owned airline to initiate the reopening of Fagalii airport.

The Fagalii landing strip is owned by Polynesian which leases the land from the village.

It was closed in 2005 because of safety reasons.

But cabinet has now approved the re-opening of the airport and work has begun on construction of a terminal building and levelling of the strip.

The Polynesian CEO, Taua Fatu Tielu, told the Samoa Observer the idea of reopening the air strip came about because of the tough competition that Polynesian is facing.

Two other airlines, South Pacific Express Inc. and Inter Island Air fly between Samoa and American Samoa.

These two other airlines will not be able to use the Fagalii Airport because the air strip is not long enough for their larger aircraft.

Taua could not give a date for the re-opening of Fagalii Airport.