9 Feb 2009

US Consultants to conduct a waste composition study in American Samoa

6:34 am on 9 February 2009

The American Samoa Power Authority has contracted an environmental consulting company from Florida, to conduct a waste composition study.

A three member team from the company, SCS Engineers, has been in the territory digging through the Futiga landfill to sort out the most common types of garbage found there.

The study, funded by the Department of Interior will help ASPA determine opportunities for recycling and waste energy.

Project Manager for SCS Engineers, Michelle Nicholls, says the project will benefit locals in the long term and help them keep their environment as clean as possible.

"It is always interesting to see what is in there and what the options are for trash, instead of just filling a hole in the ground or just putting it in a landfill and you are turning a waste into a commodity and something of value."