9 Feb 2009

Planned drop in Fiji bus fares revoked

11:26 am on 9 February 2009

A 10 per cent drop in bus fares in Fiji, to be implemented from today, has been revoked by the interim Prime Minister.

Commodore Frank Bainimarama justified his decision by saying the 21.9 per cent subsidy for fuel had already been removed at the beginning of the year.

He told Fiji Live the bus industry will be doubly penalised if both the removal of the subsidy and the reduction in bus fares were to be implemented.

The Interim Transport and Works Minister, Timoci Natuva, last week rescinded the 10 per cent increase in bus fares imposed last year.

He had reasoned that the bus operators accepted the hike in bus fares early last year at the height of rising global fuel prices and it's only fair that they decrease bus fares when the price of fuel has dropped significantly.