9 Feb 2009

Network aims to fight the prevalence of malaria in the Pacific

4:33 pm on 9 February 2009

Australia is hosting the launch of a new network to fight Malaria in the Asia-Pacific region.

Among the ten countries attending the Brisbane launch are Vanuatu and Solomon Islands, that have vowed to eliminate the disease in the next few years.

The head of the event, Sir Richard Feachem, says the network will be an important tool in helping to wipe-out the killer-disease.

"Those countries have come together for this inaugural meeting to share experience, learn from each other and see where each one has got to and what different approaches and strategies they are adopting. But also very imprtantly to decide on the structure and function of the network which will live on in the years ahead."

Sir Richard Feachem says the countries will be able to learn from each other and share expertise about their malaria elimination efforts.