10 Feb 2009

French Polynesia president's resignation accepted

4:12 pm on 10 February 2009

Reports from French Polynesia say the assembly president, Oscar Temaru, has now accepted the weekend resignation of President Gaston Tong Sang.

Mr Tong Sang stepped down four days ahead of a scheduled vote on a no confidence motion which, if approved, could make Mr Temaru the next president.

Tahitipresse says the administrative court in Papeete has meanwhile found that it cannot rule on Mr Tong Sang's complaint that Mr Temaru had not acknowledged his resignation.

The matter can been referred to the supreme court in Paris.

Earlier today, Mr Temaru had said the motion was lodged four days ago when there was still a government.

He has told RFO radio that by resigning, Mr Tong Sang has tried to obstruct the law, likening his move to a fraud.

It is not clear if the planned vote will go ahead in two days.

Since last year's early general election to choose a new assembly for a five-year term, there have been two governments.