11 Feb 2009

Pacific Aids Foundation welcomes police move to fight AIDS

3:21 pm on 11 February 2009

The Pacific Islands AIDS Foundation based in the Cook Islands is supporting a move by police officials in 21 Pacific countries who plan to help fight the spread of AIDS.

Police in countries, such as New Zealand, Australia, Niue, Kiribati and Tonga, are to introduce public awareness campaigns following in-house training.

This comes after a United Nations meeting of police officials from Asia Pacific countries unanimously recognised the importance of improving HIV understanding in the region.

The AIDS Foundation's chief executive officer, Maire Bopp DuPont, expects the police initiative will be useful.

"The perception that people will have is that HIV will become the priority or you know is the priority that we should look at. I think once when the police actually takes on an issue they actually (are) telling people that this is something important to look at. They (Police) will help raising the profile of HIV."

Ms Bopp hopes in time workplaces will follow the police initiative and establish awareness seminars on HIV/AIDS.