16 Feb 2009

Agencies in Solomon Islands aim to help flood victims rebuild their gardens

5:06 pm on 16 February 2009

Aid workers in flood-stricken Solomon Islands are planning to distribute fast growing seedlings to the more than 8000 people affected.

Thirteen have now been confirmed dead and seven people are still missing after flooding more than two weeks ago.

The Solomons Red Cross' technical advisor Katie Greenwood says most people have lost their food gardens and hundreds are homeless.

She says there is enough food in the country to feed people in the short term, but they are working on quickly growing more.

"The Government and Red Cross - we're looking at distributing some fast growing seeds so that people can get their gardens back up and going in the short term, so that there's enough food to eat. In terms of getting market gardens back up and running, that'll take a bit longer."

Katie Greenwood says most people have access to clean water.