17 Feb 2009

Solomons Women's Ministry seeks backing for its national policy

4:37 pm on 17 February 2009

Solomon Islands Ministry of Women Youth and Children is urging everyone to support its vision for women's development this year.

The Ministry is aiming to strengthen womens' networks and undertake projects to improve literacy.

The permanent secretary, Ethel Sigamanu, says this will increase the likelihood of legislation, such as special seats for women in Parliament, being passed, as well as improve women's rights as outlined in the CEDAW convention.

She says the Ministry also wants to develop a national policy on gender based violence and abuse based on research in communities.

Ms Sigamanu says networking and working together is the key.

"We need to work together, there is a sense in uniting to perhaps work more comprehensively to ensure the vision and mission of the government is fulfilled and met I would just like to call on all women and all our stakeholders, everybody in Solomon Islands to respect the agenda, recognize its importance and to give it the necessary support and attention that it deserves."

That's Ethel Sigamanu, who heads the Solomons' Ministry of Women Youth and Children.