19 Feb 2009

Fiji political party warns island countries of the dangers if they impose travel bans

5:35 pm on 19 February 2009

A political party that backs the interim government in Fiji, is warning the island countries in the Pacific they have a lot to lose if they impose travel bans on supporters of the regime.

Ropate Sivo, of the Conservative Alliance Matanitu Vanua, issued the warning after the deposed Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase told a meeting in Brisbane the island countries would be asked to impose a similar travel ban to that put in place by Australia and New Zealand.

"By having this travel ban and sanctions and suspension in Fiji wouldn't help these small little island countries there. We have a lot of their population over here and we call them Fijian too. I think it's only Australia and New Zealand that are pushing this travel ban and that's why Qarase went up."

Ropate Sivo says Mr Qarase should not be trying to fundraise in Australia and it shows his supporters in Fiji have moved to the Conservative Alliance.