19 Feb 2009

Former French Polynesian leader found guilty of misuse of public funds

7:29 pm on 19 February 2009

A Court in French Polynesia's capital Pape'ete has found veteran politician and former President Gaston Flosse guilty of misuse of public funds.

Oceania Flash reports that the court gave Mr Flosse a one year suspended jail term, a fine of just over 20 thousand US dollars, and a one year ban from holding any elected political mandate.

The case concerned a party that Mr Flosse organised to follow the election of 23 May in 2004, - an election that Mr Flosse expected to win.

But he was trounced by Oscar Temaru who refused to pay the bill when it was sent to him.

In handing out the ruling, the court ruled the party was a private event and could not be paid for with public funds.