23 Feb 2009

Global Fund against AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis extends work in Pacific

6:31 am on 23 February 2009

The Global Fund, which was set up to help fund the fight to contain AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria around the world, is expanding its work in the Pacific.

Today in Sydney, it will launch the Pacific Friends of the Fund as it seeks more funding.

The Executive Director of the Pacific Friends, Bill Bowtell, says the organisation aims to knit together the governments and people of the region so they can make submissions to the Fund for campaigns they want undertaken.

"You've got to sit around, you have got to bring people together, confidence and trust grows so that people who put money into the Global Fund know that well if they allocate the next twenty or thirty million dollars they can be sure that it's going to be spent properly and accountably and effectively. We have got to build that sort of people to people connection, and I hope that the Pacific Friends of the Global Fund can help the countries and territories of the region to do just that."