24 Feb 2009

Four more people die in Fiji flooding aftermath

2:42 pm on 24 February 2009

Four people have died and hundreds more are affected from water-borne illnesses in Fiji after last month's floods.

The floods had killed eleven people and destroyed homes and infrastructure, but many people have caught illnesses through unclean drinking and flood water.

A Health Ministry spokesperson, Iliesa Tora, told Fijivillage that four people have died from leptospirosis, with 14 more suffering from the illness.

Mr Tora says the number of people suffering from diarrhea has now risen to more than 600.

He says the ministry advises people to boil all drinking water and wear protective clothing when walking through stagnant water or mud.

People are also urged to empty all water containers around their homes and gardens to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.