26 Feb 2009

Concerns in Solomon Islands over cyanide leakage at Gold Ridge mine

12:01 pm on 26 February 2009

In Solomon Islands, villagers near the Gold Ridge mine site want Government authorities, environmental campaigners and the media to visit the site to confirm reports of cyanide leakage there.

Spokesman, Ben Afuga, told the Solomon Star paper that the cyanide storage tanks are leaking and spilling into the soil which causes environmental dangers to both employees and villagers.

Mr Afuga also says the cyanide is spilling out from the storage tanks into the soil and beyond.

He added the tailings dam, which was used to store waste cyanide and other chemical wastes, is rising considerably due to the continuous heavy rain.

Mr Afuga says the chemical definitely threatens the entire eco-system and people living along the Metapona River and along the coastal lines.

He has called on the Australian Solomons Gold company to tell people of Gold Ridge and down stream surroundings whether the leakage's are safe.