26 Feb 2009

Solomons government on track to guarantee right to information

2:37 pm on 26 February 2009

The Solomon Islands Government has expressed its strong support for the right to information to be written into law.

A freedom of information workshop involving Government officials, civil society and media has concluded in Solomon Islands.

The Deputy Prime Minister Fred Fono, who gave a key note speech in the opening of the three-day event, says it is a human right for the public to be given freedom of information and the right to express their views.

"So people have the right to express their views on government programmes, government policies, actions that are taken by leaders whether they are in the best interest of the nation or not. If their actions seem corrupt, people need to express their views on that."

Fred Fono says the Government's aim is to have legislation on the right to information passed by the end of this year.