26 Feb 2009

Cook Islands police commissioner: apology but no re-appointment

2:13 pm on 26 February 2009

The office of the Cook Islands Prime Minister says the police commissioner has confirmed he will not seek re-appointment when his term expires in June.

The confirmation follows a recent incident where the commissioner, Patrick Tasker, is reported to have abused Treasury staff during an altercation over instant traffic fines.

Mr Tasker, a New Zealand expatriate, was appointed as part of a New Zealand government-funded move to improve the effectiveness of the police force.

The Prime Minister's executive advisor says despite a public apology, it's still possible that Treasury staff will lodge a formal complaint against the commissioner.

Trevor Pitt says if this is the case, there will be an investigation into the incident.

"Pat's had a pretty solid performance for the whole two years and it's unfortunate that he has to maybe leave under a bit of a cloud now, but really the Finance Ministry has to take some responsibility as well."

Trevor Pitt says he's not sure how the Treasury incident would have played out for Mr Tasker had he sought re-appointment.