3 Mar 2009

Gizo Hospital in Solomon Islands will be fully operational soon

11:43 am on 3 March 2009

The administration of Gizo Hospital in the Western Province of Solomon Islands says the rehabilitation of the facility after the 2007 tsunami is nearing completion.

Gizo was one of the worst-hit areas by the tsunami and its hospital was reduced to providing basic levels of care.

However the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation reports that the Acting Director of the Provincial Health Services, Dr Gunter Kittel, saying there is hope that patients can soon again be offered adequate treatment.

Dr Kittel says the maternity and female ward will be reopened shortly, while regular clinical meetings and training programs have started.

He says regular touring of the province by Health services will restart this month.

Also in March, a surgical team is expected from Honiara to help clear the surgery back log.