7 Mar 2009

United States EPA keen to sort out landfill on Guam

11:24 am on 7 March 2009

The United States Environment Protection Agency, the EPA, says it is working closely with the Department of Defense to ensure key infrastructure, like the landfill on Guam, is sorted.

The Government of Guam has been ordered by the Federal Court to begin paying 1 million US dollars a week toward the 159 US million dollar cost of closing the Ordot Dump and opening a new landfill.

But the Government is likely to incur more costs after it missed the first payment date on Monday this week and has been given until March 10th to explain.

The U.S. EPA Press officer for the Pacific, Dean Higuchi, says that with the impending military buildup on Guam disposing of solid waste properly is a priority.

"From what I can tell there's a lot of support for the new landfill but there's also the difficulty within these tough economic times of finding enough funding and resources to get it done. So again there is that push to do it, we're hoping that they can know find all the funding to make sure we get it done."

EPA Press officer for the Pacific, Dean Higuchi.