9 Mar 2009

Fiji looks to further austerity measures

6:42 am on 9 March 2009

Fiji's interim prime minister says his government is planning to put more austerity measures into place.

In particular the government will look into operating expenditure.

Commodore Frank Bainimara says over the next few weeks and months, measures to accelerate capital investment and rehabilitation programmes in roads, water, sewerage and port development will be put in place.

He says they will also exploring more offshore funding for these capital and rehabilitation works while partnering with the private sector.

The Commodore says many of the challenges faced by the economy have been sparked by the global situation, but they are also symptomatic of the structural problems of old.

He says there have been no real and credible initiatives or political will to implement and follow through changes that would have provided a solid foundation to the economy.

Commodore Banimarama says the country needs stop depending on imported goods and services, and people.