9 Mar 2009

Public Defender warns of growing drug problem in American Samoa

11:59 am on 9 March 2009

The American Samoa Public Defender, Ruth Risch, has urged the territory to pay attention to the growing drug problem.

Ms Risch says methamphetamine is a human tragedy that is taking a foothold in American Samoa and is growing by the day.

She told senators, that users of the drug become addicted and will do anything to get it.

Ms Risch says the drug affect not just users but family members as well.

She also says a detox centre for the rehabilitation of drug users is vital.

Ms Risch has also recommended consideration be given to establishing a campus for juveniles, where they can continue their education and also receive counseling and rehabilitation services.

She says expulsion of high school students who drink, smoke or cause fights is the worst type of discipline.