11 Mar 2009

Australian exploration company to explore Tonga waters

12:53 pm on 11 March 2009

An Australian exploration company, Bluewatwer Metals South Pacific, will begin looking for high-grade copper, gold, zinc and silver deposits in Tonga's waters later this year.

Tonga doesn't have many metal deposits on land, but experts say its waters might be a rich source.

The company's Chief Executive Officer, Timothy McConachy, told the Matagi Tonga that they plan to explore an area of 65,000 square metres of Tonga's oceanfloor.

Mr McConachy says it's unclear whether the minerals they are looking for are commercially viable until they complete the exploration.

The company was granted their Mineral Prospecting License last year and is also operating in PNG, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and has applications to work in Fiji.