12 Mar 2009

Equality between men and women in Pacific on agenda at UN meeting

8:30 pm on 12 March 2009

The equal sharing of care-giving responsibilities between men and woman, including in the Pacific, has been tackled at a UN meeting in New York.

The Commission on the Status of Women involves governments and NGOs from around the globe.

This year, that included a group of Pacific NGOs and country delegations that is larger than in previous years.

The head of New Zealand's delegation, Sheena Gleisner, says it's important the Pacific voice is heard.

She says the meeting is important to attend as the UN's mana gives weight to the messages being taken home by the NGO's attending:

"All the developing nations say that that is a very important thing that they do, from New Zealand's point of view it is more that we learn a great deal from other countries and then can begin to think about it at home, but for developing nations, for NGO's come and say that and be able to quote things that are relevant to the Pacific is very valueable ."

The head of New Zealand's delegation to the Commission on the Status of Women, Sheena Gleisner