13 Mar 2009

Australian archivist praises Pacific system

10:18 am on 13 March 2009

The director of Australia's National Achives says its Government could learn how to improve its archiving system by adopting a technique used by Pacific countries.

Its National Achives director, Adrian Cunningham, was attending an archives workshop which is developing a government recordkeeping toolkit for countries in the Pacific region.

Mr Cunningham says he hopes its government will consider adopting a more straight forward record keeping strategy like Solomon Islands, which in turn would cut its costs.

"We do have a tendency to over-complicate things and to the point where things just get bogged down in too much process and too much complexity. We've seen that our colleagues can be highly effective at dealing with complex problems (because) they just have to solve situations on a shoe-string budget. Now they don't expect perfection because that's unrealistic but they do expect some minimum standards."

Adrian Cunningham of the National Achives of Australia.