13 Mar 2009

Fiji political parties meet today for Political Dialogue Forum

10:19 am on 13 March 2009

Fiji's major political parties have been told to come to today's leaders' meeting with an open mind.

The Interim Prime Minister, Frank Bainimarama had said he was excluding two parties from the meeting, to discuss the agenda for the Presidents Political Dialogue Forum.

However, he now says he has not excluded anyone who is eligible to be at the meeting, and participants need to come without preconcieved ideas.

The National Federation Party's Pramod Rae says he will turn up, but it remains to be seen if he will be allowed in.

And he says, he will be going with the open mind the Commodore is asking for.

"We really don't want to create impediements in a process where we're hoping we would reach some conclusions sooner rather that later for our country. We don't want to raise roadblocks on the way where they're really nor necessary. These things happen, it's only human nature, we can understand Commodore Bainimarama's irritation."

The National Federation Party's Pramod Rae.