13 Mar 2009

NGOs to be included in Fiji political forum

7:44 pm on 13 March 2009

Non Governmental Organisations are to be included in Fiji' President's political dialogue forum, it was decided at today's meeting.

Today's meeting of political party leaders was attended by 45 participants, and discussed the agenda and participation of the forum.

Our correspondent, Matelita Ragogo, says leaders gave statements on issues they considered important for consideration in the meeting.

"There should be about 23 representatives from political parties. The major parties, the SDL and the Fiji Labour Party, will have two representatives each, the state will have three, and the remaining 17 political parties will have one each. But on a more positive note, the meetins has agreed to have 15 NGOs, which is probably going to be welcomed by the civil society players."

Matelita Ragogo.

The leaders will again meet in April, to discuss UN/Commonwealth proposals on the forum, and the participation of NGOs.