16 Mar 2009

No-confidence motion speculation only rumours, says Solomons Speaker

8:10 pm on 16 March 2009

The Solomon Islands speaker of parliament says that no motion against the government has been tabled in the current parliamentary session.

There has been speculation in local media that disgruntled members of the government have been planning to launch a motion of no-confidence against Prime Minister Derek Sikua's leadership.

The Leader of the Opposition, Manasseh Sogavare, confirmed in Parliament that certain MPs have lobbied him and his Opposition colleagues to support a motion of no confidence in the current leadership.

However the speaker, Sir Peter Kenilorea, says the government has denied that it is split.

"We have not received any motion as such. The comment in parliament was, as I said, that there's nothing in it. It's only rumours. when the opposition raised the split in government, the government simply said that there was no split and that it's all rumours."

The Solomon Islands speaker Sir Peter Kenilorea.