18 Mar 2009

Solomon Islands villages affected by floods will today begin receiving food relief

3:02 pm on 18 March 2009

Villages affected by floods in the Solomon Islands last month will today begin receiving food relief from the National Disaster Management Office.

The Government has approved a pay out of about 1.4 million US dollars which will fund supplies for an estimated 64-thousand flood victims.

Director of the National Disaster Management Office Loti Yates says teams will begin targeting more than eight-thousand residents in villages northwest of Guadalcanal and west of Honiara, including Tandai ward and Sahalu ward.

He says the supplies will include food such as rice, and fast growing vegetable seeds.

"The idea here is that you give them some food and while they are eating, they can also start planting. And by five weeks they can then start selling the seeds to the market and start to get their lives back."

Loti Yates says various teams will continue to target each ward until all affected communities have received food relief.