18 Mar 2009

Guadalcanal Province being encouraged to fund own relief efforts

8:53 pm on 18 March 2009

The Premier of Guadalcanal Province in Solomon Islands is encouraging victims of last month's floods to be proactive in solving problems that have surfaced.

The National Disaster Management Office today began delivering food relief to more than eight-thousand residents in villages northwest of Guadalcanal.

The Government has approved a pay out of about 1.4 million US dollars which will fund supplies for an estimated 64-thousand people.

The Premier Stephen Panga is encouraging flood victims to generate money to fund their own relief efforts.

"We see the process, after all it takes a lot of process before the relief supplies reach the people; and I think it's time now for the people of Guadalcanal, especially those in the flooded areas affected to start thinking of establishing their respective disaster committee in their respective wards."

Stephen Panga says he is grateful the Government is finally pouring out the funds to relieve his people.