19 Mar 2009

Dengue on rise in French Polynesia

3:16 pm on 19 March 2009

French Polynesian health officials say dengue fever is on the rise in the territory.

The four types of dengue are transmitted by day-biting mosquitoes and one person has died from the disease in New Caledonia this year.

French Polynesia has officially declared an outbreak of type four dengue last week and health officials have started an awareness raising campaign.

The advisor to the minister of health, Dr Jean-Paul Theron, says hardly anyone is immune against that strain of dengue.

"We are officially in an epidemic. We know that it began in Bora Bora by tourists. We had 24 cases of dengue around Bora Bora, last week we had one case in Moorea, now it's 29."

Dr Jean-Paul Theron says all patients are in a stable condition.