20 Mar 2009

Improving lives of Pacific children are slowly being made

11:16 am on 20 March 2009

Solutions to help improve the lives of children in the Pacific are slowly being made.

The aid agency, United Nations Children's Fund Pacific, says children in countries like Tuvalu, Kiribati and Vanuatu are still at risk of illnesses like HIV/Aids and even access to water.

But, Chief of Policy, Advocacy, Planning and Evaluation for UNICEF, Dr Will Parks says the situation is improving because governments and help organisations have united to find solutions.

He explains areas where progress to help children have been made.

"I'll just illustrate with a couple. Polio which is a critical disease has been eradicated, enormous numbers of people have been involved in providing vaccines for children, Unicef included has been helping. We've got evidence to show that measles another vaccine preventable disease has been interrupted in terms of local transmission with in the Pacific region."

Dr Will Parks says its now working with countries like, Kiribati, Fiji and Solomon Islands to combat domestic violence.