20 Mar 2009

NZ's Polyfest said to help with life skills

2:55 pm on 20 March 2009

New Zealand's Polyfest Pacific Arts and Cultural competition for secondary students has seen 9000 students from more than 60 schools competing at the Manukau City Sports Bowl.

The competition is divided into sections covering traditional and hip hop dance plus music and native language speechmaking.

And indications are it will draw a crowd around 100,000 over the three days of competition.

Cindy Titus, a former pupil of Onehunga College, was there to support her younger brother and sister in the competition on the Cook Islands stage.

Miss Titus says the festival can be very positive.

"It's a good thing, you get to see different cultures and all the naughty kids have sopmething to look forward to and actually do after school, not just wagging or skipping school they actually get to stay at school an learn a few things."

Cindy Titus says what she learned in training for Polyfest is helping her at University.