24 Mar 2009

More Cuban doctors arrive in Solomon Islands

11:53 am on 24 March 2009

Seven Cuban doctors have arrived in Solomon Islands to work at the country's hospitals.

They join their two colleagues who arrived last year and are already working at the National Referral Hospital in Honiara.

The doctors came to work in the country under an agreement between Cuba and Solomon Islands Governments.

Under the bilateral agreement, Cuba also provided scholarships to 50 local students who are currently studying in the communist nation.

Under Secretary/Health Care Dr Cedric Alependava told the paper, the Solomon Star that the doctors will work in the country until the local students studying in Cuba completed their training.

Dr Alependava said four of the doctors will be posted to the provinces at the end of next month and the rest will work in Honiara.

Meanwhile, another doctor from Cuba will arrive at a later date.