24 Mar 2009

West Papua National Committee plans a large demonstration

11:51 am on 24 March 2009

The West Papua National Committee is planning a large demonstration in the capital of Indonesia's Papua province today.

The committee says the demonstration is part of ongoing calls from West Papuans for self-determination and the demilitarisation of their region

This comes as the Indonesian military is increasing the number of military personnal at key strongholds of alleged Papua separatist activity such as Puncak Jaya district.

Police say at least three Indonesians, including a soldier, have been killed in suspected attacks by the Free Papua OPM Movement in the district this month.

The committee's spokesman, Victor Yeimo, says the OPM leadership is at war with the Indonesian security forces who have been terrorising ordinary West Papuans.

He says the Jayapura rally is a call for the terror to end.

"We are organised for many West Papuans to make action in West Papua to demand our self-determination. We demand demilitarisation from West Papua."

Victor Yeimo.