24 Mar 2009

PNG opposition slams planned increases in MP allowances

8:50 pm on 24 March 2009

Papua New Guinea's Opposition says the Government has wrongly prioritised Members of Parliament in its move to increase their vehicle and accommodation allowances.

A motion was passed in Parliament last week to increase MPs accommodation allowance by 42 percent and raise vehicle allowances by 50 percent.

The Opposition's Deputy leader Bart Philemon says he was taken by surprise when the motion was passed and no opportunity was given to discuss it.

He says the Government has failed to consider first the needs of the public.

"Recently the nurses were out on strike about their pay, and this is a group of people that we should be looking after. There are teachers and their accommodation allowances badly need serious consideration and doing something about teachers' accommodation and so forth."

Bart Philemon says although he will be receiving the extra money, he does not need the increases.