25 Mar 2009

PNG's Morobe Province quiet after weekend of violence

12:29 pm on 25 March 2009

Papua New Guinea's Morobe Provincial Commander Superintendent, Peter Guinness, says the situation in Morobe province still remains tense.

Fighting over the weekend left three people dead.

The violence erupted when a land dispute over ownership of the McAdam National Park between Wau and Bulolo came to a head.

However, Superintendent Guinness says things are quite with people slowly returning

"We have spoken to both warring clans the Watut and the Biangai's they have laid down their arms and now I beginning to see people coming back into their villages especially women and children gone into hiding up in the mountains, and now slowly and slowly coming back into their villages to settle in."

Superintendent Peter Guinness says operations at the Morobe Mining Joint Venture has resumed after it was suspended during the fighting.