25 Mar 2009

Trade Union Congress in PNG says rise in allowances is irresponsible

3:09 pm on 25 March 2009

The Trade Union Congress in Papua New Guinea says a sharp rise in accommodation and vehicle allowances granted to Members of Parliament is totally irresponsible.

A motion was passed in Parliament last week to increase MPs accommodation allowances by 42 percent and raise vehicle allowances by 50 percent.

The Trade Union Congress is outraged, saying the Government is being irresponsible while the public is facing social and economic difficulties.

Its General secretary, John Paske, says MPs are spending their money on unnecessary luxuries.

"If they come into town for Parliament proceedings well then they can benefit from that kind of allowance. But they should not even been given cash for that matter. It should operate on a voucher system. But in PNG the entire package is given to them on the whole. It's not supposed to be the case."

John Paske says a review must be carried out into the process by which the allowances are distributed.