26 Mar 2009

NZ report says many Pacific people can't afford good food

3:10 pm on 26 March 2009

A new report from the Obesity Action Coalition says Pacific Islanders in New Zealand are two and a half times more likely to be obese than the general population.

The report concludes many Pacific people have unhealthy eating habits because they cannot afford to buy quality food that is nutritious and not full of fat.

The lead author of the report Professor Elaine Rush, from Auckland University of Technology want to see healthy food regulation - similar to the laws requiring safety belts in cars.

"Just like you wear a seat belt in the car or wati until the signal to says to cross now, we also need our food supply to be protected in the same way I think it is morally wrong to allow the sale of food that is almost pure fat or refined carbohydrate."

Professor Elaine Rush says big Pacific families buying poor quality food risk heart disease and diabetes.