26 Mar 2009

Fiji's army says lack of damage rules out responsibility for attacks

3:33 pm on 26 March 2009

Fiji's Land Force Commander says the types of weapons used in recent attacks on the homes and property of senior public figures show the military was not involved.

Homemade bombs were hurled at the homes of the Fiji Times' editor-in-chief, Netani Rika and a security recruitment agent, Sakiusa Raivoce last weekend.

The attacks, thought to be politically motivated, follow earlier incidents where rocks and stones were thrown at houses and vehicles and the police say an organised group is responsible.

But Colonel Pita Driti categorically denies any military involvement.

"One of the things we noticed is the use of kerosene instead of benzine. Kerosene will not be really that effective it's something just to be done to create a minimum effect of what they're trying to do, they're not really there to harm. We would use more lethal ones if we were to be doing these and we would be causing a lot more harm than what these group of men are doing"

Colonel Pita Driti says he believes the people behind the attacks are trying to discredit the interim government.